Water Based – Experiential Activities

CAMP CHALLENGE‘s water based activities are conducted according to international safety practices. A lifeguard will always be on duty for all our water based activities and all participants are required to put on a personal floating device (PFD) before entering the water.

The Rafting Challenge!

This activity is divided into 3 segments, each requiring a different type of leadership and teamwork. Teams will first compete in a series of challenges to earn the materials. Next, they have to manage their resources wisely to build the most efficient and effective raft. Lastly, individuals need to paddle in unison to move their improvised raft towards a single direction.

The Dragon Boat Challenge!

Great team activity to highlight the importance of thinking (goal setting), feeling (commitment) and doing (contribution) as one.

The Dragon Boat Challenge! is a dynamic outdoor activity that requires a high level of teamwork and coordination. Pushing the Dragon Boat forward is as much about individual determination as it is about team resilient and synergy. For those seeking a more challenging Dragon Boat experience, look no further than our Dragon Boat expeditions, where teams paddle in the open sea (with safety boat support of course!) and the distant range from 2km and above.

The Kayaking Challenge!

Participants can either enjoy the kayak experience at a leisure and recreational pace with our orientation programme, or embark on a single or over night expedition to Malaysia.