KidZania CAMPs

KidZania CAMPs

CAMP CHALLENGE is proud to be the only organization in the world that can offer a ‘camping’ experience in KidZania. The KidZania Sleepover CAMP and Career CAMP are exclusive programmes jointly developed by CAMP CHALLENGE and KidZania Singapore. Ideal for schools seeking a unique yet educational camp experience, students will experience KidZania’s role play activities, CAMP CHALLENGE’s outdoor adventure learning activities as well as a camping experience under KidZania’s city light.

Sleepover CAMP

  • Design for pre-school and primary school students.
  • Learning outcomes include:
    • Enhance interpersonal skills.
    • Develop teamwork and collaborative qualities.
    • Learn to understand, appreciate and respect differences.

Career CAMP

  • Design for secondary school and tertiary students.
  • Learning outcomes include:
    • Develop awareness of skills, interests and values.
    • Explore different type of career options
    • Understand the relationship between education and career.
    • Inculcate an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the society.

The Sentosa Challenge CAMP (Holiday CAMP for Individuals)

Looking for a holiday CAMP for your child to sign up individually? Join us on the 3 Days 2 Nights Sentosa Challenge CAMP!

For more details on The Sentosa Challenge CAMP, simply head over to the Registration page!