Healthy Living – High Elements Maintenance

Date:  02nd October 2018 (Tuesday)

Number of hours:  8 hours

Time: 10:30am – 6:30pm

Category: Healthy Living


At about 10am, Nic, overall in-charge of High Elements gather about 14 of us which includes the associates and all of the interns to discuss and delegate roles. At first, all of us did the checking of the high elements store. One of my intern mate and I took out all the high elements helmets and wash the workable ones. After washing the helmets, we dry it under the hot sun by using bamboo sticks and chairs. We have to at least wash the helmets once every two months or air-dry it under the hot sun. All of the condemned helmets were placed in a black plastic bag, in the store. How do we check if it’s condemned? Firstly, we have to check the buckle and also make sure that both sides of the buckle are present. Secondly, we have to check if the sponge is still there sticking at the top, in the inside part of the helmet. Thirdly, check the straps if there is any torn and also check if the dial is working. Basically, just check every part of the helmet. While we were checking and washing the helmets, the other three interns did the checking of harness. Make sure all of the loops (leg loops and waist loop) are in working conditions. Also make sure that elastic is present to put excess straps. Other than that, ensure that belay loop and also accessory loop are intact and present.

After all of us are done with checking of the helmets and harnesses, we checked the condition of the ropes. We have to look out if there is any fraying or dent in the rope. In another word, basically just run through the ropes. If there is a need to cut the rope, we have to make sure that we tape the rope first with the correct colored wire tape, then heat the knife using the blow torch and cut the middle part of the taped rope. Always check surrounding first before using the blow torch.

After doing so, we checked the condition of karabiners. We de-rust the karabiner by using the sandpaper, metal brush and WD40 to smoothen the surface while doing this, make sure that the table is covered with a towel as a base. After that, ensure that karabiners are not oily then lastly rub metal polish over. After that, we do the checking of sticht plate, bb cord must be present and in good conditions too.


After checking the high element store, all of us start gearing up and wear our helmets and harnesses. We took some equipments needed for the rockwall, such as the pliers, and head over to the rockwall area to do a physical check. The first thing that we did was checking the wall for any discoloration as well as wet patches as it is a sign of the wall becoming mouldy or rotten.  we also checked if there is any cracks or splinter as the wall are made of wood are covered and painted with fiber glass paint.

Before we start climbing and repairing, it is important to check our surrounding too. we checked if there are any obstructions to the wall and if there is a need to cut any trees or branches that is obstructing the rockwall itself, we need to inform the OPS Team. Next, we proceed to check on the tiles. I was being told that the tiles are to be tightened but not to put extra force on it as this can cause the tiles to have cracks. Once done with tightening of the tiles, we checked for hollow by knocking the walls. After that, we put more tiles in for upcoming pre-school programme so that it will be easier for them. how do we put it the tiles? first of all, we have to put the tile and the bolt and at the back of the wall, we put a washer as it helps to distribute the pressure evenly, and not only on the nut, which is the last step to secure the tile. After everything is done, we check the bar where the rope are supposed to run through. We checked if it is rusty.

Then, we proceed with checking of high elements by using lobster, ladders and tools. We were asked to evaluate the problems with the elements itself. Each element have different kind of maintenance to be done. As for example, the element ‘Multi-vine’, we have to ensure that the activity rope (vine) have at least the equal length and each vine must be attach to a back up line with a shackle, to stop vine from moving. Shear Reduction Device (SRD) are to be intact , tighten and smoothen for the belay line. Lastly, we checked every metal parts of every element if there are any rusting on it.


Challenges i faced:

I am afraid that I might fall when climbing up the rockwall to place the tiles as falling is one of the fear that I have. High Elements is not what I am good at, especially when rigging up and de-rigging.

Lessons I have learnt:

To further improve myself, the shortcomings , and to overcome my fear, i have to learn to love and enjoy anything or any tasks that were given. I have to stand out of my comfort zone too. By doing that, it opened my mind to see various reasons of why I need to enjoy every moment of my life. One of the reason is because, i can earn tons of knowledge that not many people would have the opportunity to do so.