Service Learning (Kayaking)


Client: Fuhua Secondary School (National Cadet Corps)

Date: 14 September 2018, Friday

Time of activity: 3 PM – 6 PM

Time of preparation: 1.30 PM – 3 PM

No. of Hours: 4.5 Hours

Camp Chief: Ali

Project Manager: Nithiya

What is the programme about?

  •        Kayaking Coastal Clean Up

At 1.30 PM, I had checked in the CAMP Challenge at CELL. What does check-in mean? Check-in means that we have to meet up for a briefing about how does the programme carry out. What do we need to prepare for logistics and who take on which roles. So with that, After our check-in, the remaining time we did, we went to pack logistics which means more of carrying kayaks, paddle, Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) and Water Tumbler up the lorry, and the lorry will drive it from CAMP Challenge to Sembawang Park, as the Kayaking coastal clean up programme will be held there. The back and forth trip for the lorry to bring the Kayaks is about 3 trips which take up to 1 hour and 30 mins. The photos at the bottom shown will be the logistics needed to be brought.


And now, other than me and the Camp Chief and the Project Manager, there are also other crew which is known as instructors with me, their names are, Nadirah, Nisa, Maisurah, Sahri, Fattah, Jessie ( Station Master), Sheena (Driver), Huz (Safety Boat and Photo and Video)  and Jessie (Safety Boat). And now here’s another point, instead of knowing what roles we have, there’s also formation for us to follow. The formation is called Diomand Formation. Which means all the participants have to be inside the Diamond at any point in time. This is also to take care of their safety. As our responsibility is big because their lives are on our hands. So whatever happens, we have to always be there to save them. The photo at the bottom will be the roles and instructors name of who take which roles.


But before everything happens, Nadirah and Maisurah will be the 2 main people to bring the participants over to the Sembawang Park. Because of they both of 2 roles which are Team Instructor and Station Instructor. How do they go? Nadirah will be in front leading them to walk and not let the participants walk in front of her, at the same time, at the back will be Maisurah who has a task of not letting participants walk behind her, only in front of her.

At 2.30PM, the participants have arrived at Camp Challenge Campsite. They did their Hydration, Energy, Attire, Refilling of Water Bottles, Toilet Breaks & Safety Checks (H.E.A.R.T.S) that is conducted by Nadirah and Maisurah before they start heading off to Sembawang Park.

At 3 pm, the participants have arrived at Sembawang Park for their kayaking coastal cleanup. The briefing was done by Jessie. After that, base on the roles we have split ourselves, we assist it accordingly and help our participants to their kayak and head off towards the water venture to start off the coastal cleanup.

While on the sea, there were times when Jessie calls for raft up. Raft up means that when Jessie put her peddles up, which means its a sign of gather which is also known as raft up. During raft up, all of the participants will join their kayak side by side. During the raft up, we share on what some of the participants have collected as part of their clean up. A pair shared that they pick up a huge destroyed container, while the rest pick up as many litters such as plastics and wrappers. the photo shown at the bottom will be the picture of how the participants joining their kayaks side by side. Because as for what we know about the participants, the participants have their own knowledge of kayaking as they all have their  1 – Star Kayaking Certified.


After Jessie put her paddles down, this is where the participants will be excited and disperse themselves. The photo shown below is where they are excited and they disperse.


After kayaking, Ali shared the importance of keeping the environment clean. After that, we head back to Camp Challenge Campsite for wash up before sending them off back to their school. This time around, Sahri was tasked to also joined in to lead them back to the campsite as the participants are all guys, having Nadirah and Maisurah taking care of pushing them to shower faster isn’t enough. Hence, Ali told Sahri to tag along and take care of them to check guys toilet are they done or not done.


Challenges faced:

There isn’t as much as litter as thought so Ali explains on how clean Singapore is and we should maintain the cleanliness whether on sea or on land. But there’s also another main thing that it might not so many little is due to the high tide at that point in time. Hence, there isn’s much litters too.


What I feel:

Honestly saying, having kayaking coastal clean up is a good choice and also a good programme, as for me, Singapore can be clean, at the same time dirty.  But having the effort to clean is another thing because every one of us is lazy. But when comes to act, although it needs time and effort. But in our heart. If we really did an act, it’s a good effort and throughout, I did help to spot rubbish and guiding them which way to go. As we have our very own formation to follow. So my task is like a simple task, Take care of participants, guide my partner which is also known as a student leader who is in the same kayak as me on where to go, and lastly spot rubbish for them to pick up. But at the end of the day, I had lots of fun at the same time it allows me to recap on Kayaking, as I myself have 1-Star kayaking certified. Hence, it’s been long since I’ve touched kayak and paddle with the kayak.