Healthy Living – Cycling

Date : 11 September 2018 / Tuesday

Time : 1200 hours – 1300 hours

No. of hours : 1 hours

Distance : 7km

Venue : Pioneer MRT to Jurong East MRT

Today , I did cycling because I needed to work on my cardio to continue to keep a very healthy lifestyle. I got interested in cycling because when I was young, my family would always have family day out to exercise and cycling happens to be one of the activity that we would do together.

I keep up with cycling because it really benefits my health in so many ways. It helps with my weight loss and also for my mental health.  Cycling is a source of distraction for me whenever I need something to keep myself busy and distracted. I prefer to cycle more compared to jogging because cycling is faster compared to jogging. Jogging takes up a lot of time.

I wasn’t cycling alone of course! I tagged my friend along, Sri Sabrina, for this cycling session. She is always willing to join me whenever I want to do anything related to outdoor. When it comes to this, she will make time to join me.

Since the both of us don’t have a bicycle, we went ahead and unlock Ofo. We started off at Pioneer MRT and continued on to cycle by following the route of the MRT track as it is easier for us to track our way.

Our first pit stop will be Boon Lay MRT. It was already quite a distance to cycle from Pioneer MRT to Boon Lay MRT. We rested for 5 minute and we continued on cycling to our next destination.

From Boon Lay MRT, we cycled on all the way to Chinese Garden MRT. We did not have any rest in between when we were cycling along Lakeside MRT because we did not want to take up too much time to rest as we were near to our destination. Once we reached Lakeside MRT, we had a quick break to drink up and catch our breath and then proceed on to continue cycling to Jurong East MRT.

Once we reached Jurong East MRT, we had a longer rest as it was the end of our destination. Both of us felt very satisfied with this session of cycling as it has been quite some time since we both went cycling together.

In conclusion, cycling from Pioneer MRT to Jurong East MRT was a success for a 7km cycle. I would really love to do more long distance cycling.