Expectations of NYAA Gold Journey

Outdoor Appreciation

Expectations:Confidence building, building teamwork, strengthen understanding of the natural environment

  • Planning

4 meetings (3 planning + 1 Preparation)

  • Execution
  • Day 1

Urban Trekking (CC to RM)

Lunch on the go

Sleepover on boats

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Dragonboat to Lazarus

Team Building

Dragonboat to Tanjong Site

Tent Pitching @ Tanjong Site

  • Day 3

Strike down tents


Outdoor cooking for lunch


Night Sail to RM

  • Day 4

Morning Run

AJ12 Debrief

Transfer to CC

  • Post

Service Learning

My expectations is to develop myself socially to understand the issues that is being faced by the community, explore how i can contribute actively to find a solution towards it the issue and also be independent with taking care of participants.


Tag to Pro-bono / subsidized programme

Healthy Living

My expectation is to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally which can allow me to get through my daily activities smoothly. It is to have a balanced diet and to keep fit in order for me to maintain.


Running / progressively for 18 months

Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: Contribution to the community



Plan & Execute

Learning Outcomes & Impact