Expectations for NYAA Gold Journey

Outdoor Appreciation

Expectations:Confidence building, building teamwork, strengthen understanding of the natural environment

  • Planning

4 meetings (3 planning + 1 Preparation)

  • Execution
  • Day 1

Urban Trekking (CC to RM)

Lunch on the go

Sleepover on boats

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Dragonboat to Lazarus

Team Building

Dragonboat to Tanjong Site

Tent Pitching @ Tanjong Site

  • Day 3

Strike down tents


Outdoor cooking for lunch


Night Sail to RM

  • Day 4

Morning Run

AJ12 Debrief

Transfer to CC

  • Post

Service Learning

Expectations: The expectations that i have set for myself is to develop myself socially to understand the issues that is being faced by the community and explore how i can contribute actively to find a solution towards it the issue.


Tag out to Pro-bono / subsidized programme

Healthy Living

Expectations: I aim to develop  and maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally which can allow me to get through my daily activities at ease. It is to also getting myself to adapt to healthy lifestyle by starting off with a balanced diet.


Gymming / progressively for 18 months

Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: Contribution to the community



Plan & Execute

Learning Outcomes & Impact