18 months (12 months for Silver NYAA holder)
No. of Hours: 3
Date: 25 December 2017 / Monday
Category: Skills

On 24th Dec, 2 of the BBBS volunteers and I followed up on the theory lesson we had 2 weeks ago with our instructor at Constant Wind Seasports and Sailing School. We mainly practiced the man-overboard drills and how to berth & unberth the powerboat from a pontoon.

These drills will be tested during the PPCDL Practical Test at RSYC.

24 December PPCDL Practical

18 months (12 months for Silver NYAA holder)
No. of Hours: 7
Date: 12 December 2017 / Tuesday
Category: Skills

For skills, I will be focusing on developing to be a competent keelboat crew/skipper. This will be to prepare for a possible 4D3N sail expedition at sea.

Keelboats are much bigger and heavier than the dinghy sailboats that most of us BBBS are used to. However, it is not practical to sail on dinghies during long expeditions are sea. Thus, we will be taking our sailing skills further by being competent to sail a keelboat.

Since most larger keelboats are additionally fitted with engines for propulsion, one of the first steps in being competent is attaining the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL). These keelboats also have to follow the Rules of the Road at sea. This is is taught as part the PPCDL curriculum.

We had our theory class conducted by Major Tan at the National Sailing Centre from  10AM -5.00PM. After passing the Theory Test, we will follow up for practical lessons.

Photo credits: Uncle Jevan
Photo credits: Uncle Jevan
18 months (12 months for Silver NYAA holder)
No. of Hours:
Date: 17 November 2017 / Friday
Category: Skills

For Skills, I will be writing about the experience I had and things I have learnt during my poly life and internship with CAMP CHALLENGE.

For Skills segment, I will be writing the skills I had achieved throughout my years in Republic Polytechnic (RP), CAMP CHALLENGE (CC). I took Diploma of Outdoor Adventures Learning in RP and have gain skills which I had never thought I would engage myself with. During Year 1, I obtain certificate of Climbing Level 1 during my curriculum. Year 2, was Water based, Kayaking Star 1 and 2, Abseiling Level 1. The skills that I took happened every once or twice a week. Obtaining the skills with my peers was the greatest time of my life as I am bless to have peers that never gives up on each other and we persevere together as a team. Every year we had 2 semester and with every semester we changed classes. Thus the people that gone through each and every skills with me was different and yet interesting to work with. I am glad we had each other’s back. The tough time for me was when I was getting my Kayaking certificate as I can’t swim and being in the water actually scares me a lot. Friends will actually stayed back with me to practice kayaking with me and boost my confidence up in kayaking confidently. That touched me as I know they have my back.

During my last year with RP, I had internship with CC. There were only 5 students (including me) that got deployed in CC for out internship. CAMP CHALLENGE is a company that facilitate character development though their programmes (camps). Skills that I had obtained was being used during the camps that I was deployed. That put into good use and it was a stranger to me as I am proficiency to do so.I learned more skills with CC, like Communication skills and also Trekking/Hiking through the programmes and camps I did. Throughout the camp, we did a lot of prepping with logistics and also check-in before the camp happened which is the next day. The reason why we check-in before the day before the camp was so we are mentally and physically ready and into the 3days 2night camp the next day. Having the responsibly to lead a group of kids for their first camp (mostly), to let them experience on how to survive and to look out in the outdoors.

  • Sports Climb Certification level 1 – During climbing module with DOAL
  • High Element sessions spread over 18 months – Per session duration is 2.5 hours to 4 hours.
  • Twice per week for high element session for youth programmes.
  • Kayaking Certification – 1&2 Star (During Water Module with DOAL)

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18 months (12 months for Silver NYAA holder)
No. of Hours: 18 Months
Date: 16 November 2017 / Thursday
Category: Skills


  • Sports Climb Certification level 1 course – 2 days. 8 hours per day.
  • High Element sessions spread over 18 months.
  • Per session duration is 2.5 hours to 4 hours.
  • Twice per week for high element session for youth programmes.
  • Scuba Diving course duration is 4 days.
  • Per day is about 2 dives which is around 45 minutes per dive.

I am absolutely excited to note down my experience for the skills segment as I have learnt and acquired two skills. One is belaying and another is scuba diving. I took up belaying and is certified sports climb level one, when there are camps going on, I would ensure that I am available so that I am able to come down and practice my belaying for high element sessions. I think it has taught me the importance of safety and why certain practices are in place so as to not compromise safety and why is it important to develop good belaying habits.

My open water scuba diving course took place at Perhentian Island. The place is surreal and truly breath taking! My diving course was 4 days and 3 nights in total. I managed to clocked in 5 dives and I will definitely be going for more. Diving really appeals to me, when you go under the water, it really feels like a whole different, peaceful and beautiful world. Going through the course was definitely not easy, there were a few topics I did not understand for the theory part. Apart from  that, I also struggled with the practical segment, I faced two main challenges in terms of skills. One was to learn how to hover properly and second was to do my CESA (Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent). I kept bobbing up and down and was unable to keep my balance and to stay at one place. I realized my breathing was the problem, I was breathing a little too deeply and I did not pace my breathing in and out. I also adjusted my weights. The next dive, it was much better with the improvements in place. With a little bit more practice dives, I finally got the hang of it and managed to pass my open water scuba diving course. I will certainly continue to pursue and clock in as many dives as I possibly can. It was truly an unforgettable experience and I am so glad that I chose to take up scuba diving as a skill segment despite my doubts and fears beforehand.