No. of Hours:
Date: 3 October 2018 / Wednesday
Category: Healthy Living

Date: 2nd October 2018 (Tuesday)

No. of hours: 8

Time: 10.30am to 06.30 pm

Category: Healthy Living

High-Elements Maintenance

It was written in the online document to allow associates to help out in this since few weeks ago. From there we pointed out the things that needed to be done. There were 14 people in total to help out. From there the roles are spread evenly.

We started off by doing the high-elements store. The things that need to be done for the store were;

  • Check the condition of the helmets (checking for any cracks, both sides of the buckle is present, sponge is at base of helmet and make sure the dial is working
  • Washing the working helmet once every two months and make sure it is dry before putting back into the store
  • Checking condition of the harness (make sure the belay look is attach, waist loop and leg loop, some of the harness includes accessory loops and lastly the elastic bands for the extra strap)
  • Check condition of the rope which there is two different type of ropes (semi-static and dynamic) make sure the rope is not fraying and there is no dents around the rope to check this we had to run through the rope one by one
  • And if there is a need to cut the rope make sure to tape the rope with the correct colored wire tape, then heat the knife with the blow torch (check the surroundings before using the blow torch) then make sure the knife is heated to be able to cut the rope, then place the knife in the middle of the tape. This is to prevent fraying
  • Check condition and de-rusting of the karabiners. If there is any visible crack on the karabiner it has to be check with the overall in charge before condemning it. For de-rusting; start with checking the screw gate, if there is squeaky sound do a light spray and twist again to check for the sound. Next, wipe a small amount of WD40 to the karabiner then use sand paper and the metal brush to buff to make the texture to the karabiner is the same all around. The wipe off the WD40 and lastly wipe the metal polish to lock it off
  • Lastly check condition of the sticht plate, making sure the string is intact with the plate and bb cot attach(should not be fraying) to each sticht plate

Next some of the associates were doing maintenance to the rock wall.

  • Do a physical check getting equipments ready (extra tiles, harness and helmet to climb and some tool to fix the wall and the tiles
  • They started with checking the wall as it made of wood and painted with fiber glass paint. They were check for any discoloration, wet patches (sign of mouldings and rotten), any cracks or splinters as this could be potential hazards to participants
  • Next, check the surroundings for any obstruction to the wall, if there is a need to cut the trees or branches inform the overall in charge
  • Tightened any loosen tiles but not fully tighten as it can cause cracks to the tiles, once tightened check for any hollow by knocking
  • To put in new tile to the wall; place the tile first then the bolt in the middle after that at the back of the wall, put a washer (this helps to distribute the pressure evenly not only acting in the bolt) lastly tighten in with the nut
  • Lastly, check the bar for any rusting or squeaky sound

The last component that we did was the high elements. This was handled by the more experienced instructors.

  • Firstly they did an equipment check making sure all the equipments to go up the element is with them (lobster, ladders and tools)
  • Evaluate the problem, finding out the problem to elements as each elements have different maintenance to be done
  • Example for one of the element; Multi-Vine
    • Check the pulley make sure it is tighten and working smoothly
    • Activity rope(vine) must be at least equal length, each vine is attach to the backup line with a mylon to stop the vine from moving
    • Sheer Reduction Device is for the belay and climber line make it is intact, tighten and moving smoothly
    • Check the metal parts for any rusting
    • And lastly the activity line must not be too slack or too tight because the weight of the participants might make the wire snap

The challenges we faced was the sun was really bring everyone energy down. We did not know how some of the device were working and also lobstering up was a challenge as we had to figure out a plan how to get up and do the maintenance needed.


No. of Hours:
Date: 13 September 2018 / Thursday
Category: Healthy Living

Healthy Living – Weight Lifting

Date: 27th  August  2018

Number of hours: 2 hours

Time: 0600pm -0800pm

Venue: Tampines Hub (activeSG)

I started weight lifting when I was in secondary 4 (age: 16) as a hobby but my parents did not really encourage me to take it as a competitive sport. They did not allow me to take it as a competitive sport due to there afraid of masculinity towards woman and also afraid I might get hurt. So, at first when I started it was ending of N’Levels at the old Tampines gym. The equipment there was not really in shape as it have not been maintained well.

Usually I will start with warm up which includes dynamic stretching like jogging on the spot, jumping jacks and jumping squats. Usually warm up will take up about 30 minutes which also includes jogging on the treadmill for 10 to 15 minutes. Then after that I will start with front and back barbell squat just the barbell bar which is already 20 kg by itself as a warmup before the carrying heavier weights and I will do 12 to 15 repetitions of barbell squat for 3 sets with breaks in between if needed for the start. Then I will be starting with front squat meaning that will start adding heavier weight plate, I will start with 5kg weight plates each side then 10kg and 15kg for 2 sets of 12 repetitions. Following I will start doing back squat with the same repetition, sets and weights. After that I will take a 5 to 10 minutes break to cool myself down and drink water.

After that I will start doing dead lift which requires a proper posture. I usually start with warming up which only requires using the barbell pole, and each repetition must be done proper. And I will start adding weight plates starting from 5kg weight plates each side, 10kg and 15kg. I will only do this for 3 sets of 10 repetition. And lastly before ending at the squat rack, I will try to do a 1RM(repetition maximum) meaning it can only be lift once with the heaviest weights and also to help find out how much I should lift in other repetitions ranges. I will try 1RM for both back squat and deadlift after a 5 min break from the deadlift exercise. Before ending the exercise I would do a sets of leg press which includes each set with increasing weights.

Lastly before exiting the gym I will do a cool down(static stretch) to stretch every part of the muscles but also focusing on muscle that is used for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This is to lessen the actual chance of getting muscle cramps.

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin

Outdoor Appreciation

Expectations: I want to be able to get out of my comfort zone within the indoors and at home. By having the opportunity to try on new activities and also challenges along the way which everyone have to be able to contribute and work together. The activities that is going to happen might test the mental and physical strength, from this i look forward to know how to better manage my emotions and adaptability to the surroundings.

  • Planning

gathering information(admin, loogistic, activity planning) and giving out roles. 3 meeting session and 1 preparation day.

  • Execution


  • Day 1

Urban trekking from Camp Challenge to Raffles Marina

Lunch on the go

After arrival at Raffles Marina would be dinner and wash up

Sleep on boats

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Lunch at Tanjong

DragonBoat to Lazarus then back to Tanjong

Tent Pitching at Tanjong Site

Washup and outdoor cooking for dinner

  • Day 3

Strike down tents


Lunch outdoor cooking


Dinner and wash up

Night Sail back to Raffles Marina

  • Day 4

Morning Run

AJ 12 Debrief



  • Post

Service Learning

Expectations: From service learning i would like to give back to the society. Meaning that, this is an opportunity to meet people from different society to get together to provide a better living.


I will be tagged in a probono/csr programme. ‘Probono’ meaning that the programme is subsidized programme this is mostly happens under camp challenge.

Healthy Living

Expectations: I want to be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle, not forcing but to understanding and make it into a habit. My body needs to be able to adapt to changes of activities and intensities of what i am doing on a daily basis.


Heading to the gym atleast twice per week with different exercise and incresing repetitions.


Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: To be able to lead and plan  programme, with different roles assigned. Meaning that i have to be able to step out of my comfort zone and project myself aloud and be upfront. And this also depends on level of confindence which would really help in communicating and public speaking.




Learning Outcome&Impact