No. of Hours:
Date: 8 October 2018 / Monday
Category: Healthy Living

8 October 2018, 0800 hours – 0900 hours

Cycled to Camp Challenge for 8.2km, 1 hour.

I have decided to cycled to work as i have plenty of time and save fare for my transport.

I cycled through the bus 169 route as im more familiar with the route.

The whole journey was actually such a cooling weather. I was glad i didnt burnout through the whole journey.

now i feel like cycling more often to work!

No. of Hours: 3
Date: 17 September 2018 / Monday
Category: Service Learning

Client: Fuhua Secondary School (National Cadet Corps)

Time: 1500 hours – 1800 hours


At 1330 hours, i had check in at Camp Challenge, CELL with my camp chief, Ali & project manager, Nithiya. Alongside with me we have The crew (Jessie, Huz & Jenny), Nad, Mai, Nisa, Tricia & Fattah. During check in, we briefly went through on programme’s contents and roles.

The activity was Kayaking (Coastal Clean up). Ali & Nithiya was on land while the rest of us was on safety kayak ensuring the participants safety. We had 1 hour 30 mins to transfer the kayaks, personal floatation devices (PFDs) & paddles from Camp Challenge Campsite to Sembawang Park.

At 1430 hours, the participants arrived at Camp Challenge Campsite. They did their Hydration, Energy, Attire, Refilling of Water Bottles, Toilet Breaks & Safety Checks (H.E.A.R.T.S) before they starting heading off to Sembawang Park.

At 1500 hours, the participants arrived at Sembawang Park for their kayak briefing done by Jessie. Sooner after that, we assist in allocating our participants to their kayak and head off towards water venture to start off the coastal clean up.

While on sea, there was times when Jessie calls for raft up. During raft up all of the participants will join their kayak side by side. During the raft up, we share on what some of the participants have collected as part of their clean up. A pair shared that they pick up a huge destroyed container, while the rest pick up as many litter such as plastics and wrappers.

After kayaking, Ali shared the importance of keeping the environment clean. After that we head back to Camp Challenge Campsite for wash up before sending them off back to their school.


Challenges faced:

There isn’t as much as litter as thought so Ali explains on how clean Singapore is and we should maintain the cleanliness whether on sea or on land.


What i learned:

We don’t have to wait for experiences like these to realize the importance of keeping our environment clean. Taking initiatives help enable others to act!

No. of Hours:
Date: 13 September 2018 / Thursday
Category: Healthy Living

10th September 2018, 7am – 7:30am
Cycled to Sungei Buloh for 14.1km, 30 mins.

As planned, my friend and i cycled to Sungei Buloh. We met at my house to begin the trip, grab a quick breakfast prepared by my mother before the trip.

The journey to Sungei Buloh was actually a great one! We experience outdoor environment while cycling. There were different types of insects & animals we saw that we don’t see much nowadays. The scenaries there were super great!

Cycled back home from Sungei Buloh, 14.1km, 30 mins

In conclusions, experiencing outdoor actually allows me to understand the importance on respecting mother nature. We are surely going to plan another trip that involves cycling and trekking.

No. of Hours:
Date: 9 September 2018 / Sunday
Category: Healthy Living

4th September 2018, 8pm – 9:30pm

Cycled to Woodlands Waterfront for 3.7km, 10 mins.

I invited a friend of mine to cycle and have a catch-up after 2 months being out of school for internship! He actually stays 3 blocks away from me. He was actually very willing and we decided that we will go cycling on the 4th of September 2018.

We met at my house, to have our early dinner before we head off to Woodlands Waterfront!

The purpose of cycling to Woodlands Waterfront is to catch the amazing scenary in the evening with my friend. It was beneficial as im able to relief my stress from work just by catching the amazing scenary in Woodlands Waterfront.

Cycled back from Woodlands Waterfront to home for 3.7km, 10 mins.

After we ended our cycling trip, we planned on our next cycling trip which will be on the 10th September 2018!

In conclusions, i felt that going out cycling perhaps help both physically & mentally. For the next cycling journey, im planning to cycle to Sungei Buloh, on 10th September 2018, 7am, 14.1km for 25 mins. The objective of that journey will be catching the sunrise and able to!


No. of Hours:
Date: 2 September 2018 / Sunday
Category: Outdoor Appreciation

AJ12 Meeting 1:

Ali shared with us the various roles and activities that we will be doing during our adventurous journey! Qhalis came out with Emergency & Evacuation Route while i help settling with the admin stuff.

AJ12 Meeting 2:
We prepared a draft logistics list for the things needed for our journey! We also came out with our food for outdoor cooking! it looks delicious all thanks to our Food & Beverages team!

AJ12 Meeting 3:
We came out with a route for our urban trekking. It seems like we are up for an amazing trip!

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin

Outdoor Appreciation

Expectations: Develop self-confidence, problem-solving skills, enhances teamwork, strengthens understanding of the natural environment.

  • Planning

4 sessions inclusive of 3 meetings and 1 preparation

  • Day 1

Urban Trekking from Camp Challenge Sembawang to Raffles Marina

Sleepover on boats

  • Day 2

Sailing 1D15

Walk to Tanjong Site

Dragon Boat to Lazaruz

Lunch will be outdoor cooking

Dragon Boat to Sentosa

Dinner will be outdoor cooking

Sleep on tents at Tanjong site

  • Day 3

Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH)

  • Day 4

Morning run.

  • Post

Service Learning

Expectations: To contribute actively to find a solution & understand the issues faced by the community. To understand on how to give useful service to others of their interest.

How: To be tagged for Pro-bono* / Subsidized programme.

Pro-bono means denoting work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client on low income.

Healthy Living

Expectations: Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, develop a healthy habits to improve both our physical and emotional well-being.

How: Cycling/progressive over 18 months

Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: Bring positivity, and meaningful contributions to the community.



Plan & Execute

Learning outcome & impact