No. of Hours: 4
Date: 2 September 2018 / Sunday
Category: Service Learning


  • Client: The Haven – The Salvation Army
  • Timeframe: 1000hrs – 1400hrs
  • OIC: Aubrey
  • What went on?
    • Rock wall activity
    • Helping out with mainly belaying and interaction

And that was the end of a 4 hour program that happened on 1 September 2018 at Republic Polytechnic.

Came in at 1000hrs to set up the rock wall stations. A lot of recapping went on as it had been quite a while since all of us last belayed in school. Participants started to arrive individually and we were rushing for quite a bit of time.

It had been quite some time since I last volunteered my time for a program. However, it felt great. Throughout the entire 4 hours spent with the participants who were mentors and mentees, never once did I felt a sense of regret coming down on a Saturday to help out.

The interaction between the volunteers and participants were splendid.

“All human interactions are opportunities either to learn or to teach” and at the end of the program, I believed that two way learning happened between us and the participants. Learning doesn’t have to be textbook based. I learned from them that enjoyment comes in many different forms.

Enjoyment can come from the simplest of things. And for me, the sense of enjoyment and fulfillment happened because I got to be with people who were so energetic and fun-loving.

No. of Hours: 3
Date: 1 September 2018 / Saturday
Category: Service Learning
  • What went on?
    • Did Hoodini Challenge in one of our available facilities, Maze.
  • Who was involved?
    1. Camp Chief: Yaya
    2. Project Manager: Trudy
    3. Station Instrcutors:
      • Jun Hao
      • Qhalis
      • Zana
  • Timeline
  • 0900hrs: Check-In for program
  • 0930hrs:
    • Setting up Maze
    • Preparation of Logistics needed
    • Recce the Maze
  • 1000hrs: Opening by Camp Chief and Introduction to the activity
  • 1200hrs: Closing of program

At 0900hrs, we came down to Camp Challenge and started to go through the program flow and how the activity was going to be conducted. Wreaking our brains till the participants came to think of new ideas and brain teasers to make the program more interesting and fun-filled.

Before the program started, we went through the Maze, to have an experience and placing ourselves in our participants shoes to see the level of difficulty and how we would go about doing the activity. After much thought and deliberation, we decided on where and what anagrams and brain teasersĀ  should be placed in the maze.

After deployment of the instructors were done, we came in to greet our participants and briefing for the activity started. It was one of the first few Pro-Bono’s programs that I have ever done and it was such a privilege to be a part of it. The clients were so welcoming to us instructors and were so eager to do the activity even though it was just a 2 hours program.

Through this program, I’d realize how even by spending a short period of time with others, can really light up the spark and enjoyment in their eyes. We get so caught up in our own lives that sometimes we might feel it’s not worth our time to spend these few hours with others. But, for them, it’s an experience they never had and to see the enjoyment and smiles on their faces, makes my heart warm.

After the end of the program, it made me thought about my own mindset. I want to do more for the community. And, even if my words can’t express how happy I feel when I do such programs, I hope that my actions will.

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin
  • Overall Expectation for My NYAA Gold Journey:

Is to develop as an individual. Understanding that development is not something that can happen overnight, its a progression. To not only give my words but my actions as well. To fully realise that I am given the platforms and opportunities to do so much, and I should not waste these platforms given to me but share them with others as well.

  • Sevice Learning
    What are my personal expectations for Service Learning?

To serve in a manner whereby I am able to behave professionally, assist and at the same time providing the platform and opportunities for participants from various groups to learn and most importantly have fun.

How am I going to achieve the expectation that I have set for myself?

Taking part in more subsidized programs provided by Camp Challenge as well as taking the initiative to outsource for volunteery works that are available here in Singapore and being a part of it.

  • Healthy Living

What is healthy living about? As stated, it aims to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows us to get through our daily activities.

Why is it so important?

It is to help us maintain an overall wellness. In a stressful working and living environment where everything is so fast paced and there is hardly time for a breather, it is important to maintain overall wellness of not only the body but the mind as well.

Now the question would be, how am I going to go about doing it?

Creating a schedule for myself is possible, however I do not believe that, that is something that should be forced upon. Going along with my own pace in doing recreational activities such as kayaking or even climbing whilst still clocking in the hours would be the most ideal situation for me.

  • Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations set for myself?

Understand about the various groups in Singapore, and providing them with the means to be able to participate in programs.

Why is Community Leadership Initiative important?

It is a stepping stone for all of us. We are so caught up in our own lives that we do not realise certain groups of people in our community do not have the same or equal opportunities to be involved and take parts in programs.

How am I going to go about doing it?

  1. Finding the beneficiaries that I would like to work with
  2. Having a set of objectives for the program
  3. Planning and Execuation of the program
  4. Post Program – Having a desired learning outcome and impact
  • Outdoor Appreciation

What are my expectations for this specific component?

To learn how to plan for an expedition and pushing boundaries

What are the different phases?

  1. Planning
    • 4 sessions inclusive of 3 meetings and 1 day of preperation
  2. Execution
    • Day 1
      • Trekking
    • Day 2
      • Sailing
      • Dragonboating
      • Teambuilding Activities
      • Tent Pitching
    • Day 3
      • Team Challenge Hourglass
      • Night Sail
    • Day 4
      • Morning Run
  3. Post
    • Unpacking of logs
    • Final debrief of how program went