Habitat enhancement at Chestnut drive

I took part in my first ever tree planting event happened in May 2018 as part of the habitat enhancement at Chestnut Drive after my exams.

The forest at Chestnut Nature Park is slowly recovering from a history of human use and this can take centuries. It is currently a green buffer to our precious green lung and biodiversity core which is the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The habitat enhancement will fulfill the park’s potential both as a nature reserve buffer and functioning as a vibrant and sustainable recreational space enjoyed by all.
A total of hundred trees were planted during this event by volunteers with me planting two trees.  It is another way in carbon offsetting given that I had to fly off after the event. Even though it can only offset a very small percentage (almost negligible) of carbon compared to the emission per passenger in a flight, every effort in planting trees counts towards carbon sequestration.

This event has taught me that planting trees involve lots of hard work. It only takes a couple of minutes for one big patch of primeval primary forests that have been around for centuries to be destroyed but took so much hours and manpower ( and possibly intensive human intervention) in order to cultivate a secondary forest that has been disturbed and even much more longer time for a secondary forest (provided negligible human disturbance with available seed dispersal sources) to be fully developed into a primary forest. Besides contributing to the habitat enhancement, on a more macro scale, I felt privileged to be able to play a role in contributing towards offsetting carbon from the atmosphere. The hours spent toiling under the sun and getting my hands and clothes muddy is totally worth the effort. I will wish to be involved in more tree planting events in the future. Hopefully, it will become a routine for everyone in the future to plant trees prior to their respective flight.


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Planting my first tree - Ficus Microcarpa
Planting my first tree – Ficus Microcarpa
Planting my second tree
Planting my second tree

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