Residential Project

28th Oct 2017

Feiyue Community Services Volunteers Appreciation Day


The essence of this Project was to bring all the volunteers in Feiyue helping out in the different programmes all around Singapore together to thank them for their hard work and services. I met up with the client a few weeks prior to the Appreciation Day. Having discussed with the client about what he wants to do and etc ,we had planned to conduct Low Elements to have the volunteers to get to know one another better as they all gathered from the different programmes/projects in different locations in Singapore. Following low elements would be a BBQ Dinner for them to enjoy.


We had a total about 50 volunteers coming in, having delegated the different roles to the instructors in my team, we separated the instructors into 3 teams letting them do a rotation of different Low Element activities with the finale of Low wall where everyone of them had to work together to finish the element. Whilst low elements was happening we had instructors as well as a BBQ chef to set up their scrumptous BBQ dinner for them to enjoy after a tiring day of fun activities. Having been able to plan and execute such a programme for these volunteers who day in day out give their time and effort for the kids that need their support and help,it was time for me to allow them to realize that all their work does not go unnoticed and unappreciated. It was an honour and pleasure to be able to see their happy faces and making new friends at the end of the day.