18 mths

Class 3 & 4 driving license

I managed to acquire this skill through my National Service as i was posted to be a Transport Operator in the Army. As a Transport Operator if we wanted to convert our license into Civilian License, we had to clock a total of 4000 km within our time in Service. I was first sent to a Military Driving course where we were introduced to driving a Landrover, one of the more commonly used in the SAF. having gone through the Class 3 phase of driving we were then introduced to a Class 4 vehicle, the 3 Tonner where we spent most of our driving hours. We spend roughly about 40 hours of driving throughout the period of 3 months to be able to take our Traffic Police test in the 3 Tonner. Once we passed the test, we were trained further with all the most commonly used Vehicles in the SAF, also going through cross country training to learn how to drive on rough terrains. Once we completed all these familiarisations of the different vehicles and acquired a mileage of at least 900 km then we graduated from the course and were sent back to our respective units.


Back at our units, we were introduced to even more vehicles due to the specializations each unit supports, we were also introduced to the maintenance and how to change spare tyres for the different vehicles. For me, i was in MINDEF and we largely support all administrative details within MINDEF as well as shuttle services and VIP Details. VIP Details are where we are tagged to certain generals and we become their driver using the MID car which in my case is a Ford Mondeo. Thus i was trained as a VIP Driver. Having been chosen as a VIP driver, we spent a lot more hours driving as well as more meticulous training to ensure the VIP has a smooth ride. I learn things such as recognizing routes and places where the specific generals usually attend. During my service, i attended many different kinds of events such as

Shangri-La Dialogue, ASEAN Chief of Army Annual Meet, Air Show 2018 and also ASEAN Military Intelligence Inaugural Meeting.


Through everything for the past 18 months i was able to clock in 12000 km in mileage thus enabling me to convert to civilian license. Having gone through the different kinds of trainings as well as details from administrative ones to VIPs. It was tiring yet fulfilling to be able to serve and experience all these at the same time. I feel that the Army has also taught me well in terms of driving and safety, how to look out for certain hazards and etc which can be a very useful skill in my future.