60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours: 4
Date: 4 June 2018 / Monday
Category: Service

I took part in my first ever tree planting event happened in May 2018 as part of the habitat enhancement at Chestnut Drive after my exams.

The forest at Chestnut Nature Park is slowly recovering from a history of human use and this can take centuries. It is currently a green buffer to our precious green lung and biodiversity core which is the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The habitat enhancement will fulfill the park’s potential both as a nature reserve buffer and functioning as a vibrant and sustainable recreational space enjoyed by all.
A total of hundred trees were planted during this event by volunteers with me planting two trees.  It is another way in carbon offsetting given that I had to fly off after the event. Even though it can only offset a very small percentage (almost negligible) of carbon compared to the emission per passenger in a flight, every effort in planting trees counts towards carbon sequestration.

This event has taught me that planting trees involve lots of hard work. It only takes a couple of minutes for one big patch of primeval primary forests that have been around for centuries to be destroyed but took so much hours and manpower ( and possibly intensive human intervention) in order to cultivate a secondary forest that has been disturbed and even much more longer time for a secondary forest (provided negligible human disturbance with available seed dispersal sources) to be fully developed into a primary forest. Besides contributing to the habitat enhancement, on a more macro scale, I felt privileged to be able to play a role in contributing towards offsetting carbon from the atmosphere. The hours spent toiling under the sun and getting my hands and clothes muddy is totally worth the effort. I will wish to be involved in more tree planting events in the future. Hopefully, it will become a routine for everyone in the future to plant trees prior to their respective flight.


IMG_9639 (2) IMG_9648

Planting my first tree - Ficus Microcarpa
Planting my first tree – Ficus Microcarpa
Planting my second tree
Planting my second tree

IMG_9629 (2)

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 29 May 2018 / Tuesday
Category: Service

Having volunteered in many different Pro-bono programmes in CAMP CHALLENGE, as well as internship here i was able to clock in my service hours. Having finished all these pro-bono programmes for so many different organizations meeting all kinds of participants on these programme.

I have learnt how to sympathize as well as empathize with them while at the same time making sure that they all have a good and safe time while going through the different activities such as High Elements, Low Elements and Laser Combat. These are the times to give back to these people who have always been left out or ostracized due to the different circumstances they face. I can only do my best and my part to allow them to fully enjoy and remember the experience during these programmes. It has been very fulfilling to see their smile and heartening thank yous at the end of the programmes.  

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours: 7
Date: 19 May 2018 / Saturday
Category: Service

I volunteered as a belayer/ assistant belayer for height activities during the OBS-MOE open house on the 12th May 2018. I have been through a 5 days 4 nights OBS course during my secondary three. It has a been a very nostalgic feeling stepping foot into OBS once again. This was my first time volunteering in OBS and I look forward to future volunteering events in OBS. Volunteering for this event was definitely a good way of showing my appreciation to OBS. This event helps parents to experience  what I had been through for my OBS program so that they have a better understanding of what their child will go through when their child comes for the OBS program. It is also provided an opportunity for me to share my OBS experience with the parents as well as fellow Alumni. I believe what bonded us Alumni and parents who have been through OBS are the shared nostalgia where fond memories were revisited. Even though it was only an event that lasted a couple of hours, I got to forge new friendships with fellow Alumni of all ages. The parents have enjoyed themselves and have bonded well over this event. I have also learnt a few safety aspects, technical handling and commands of being a belayer or belayer assistant.

Volunteer Training in progress. Everyone was having fun while training
Volunteer Training in progress. Everyone was having fun while training
Now parents turn to experience the climb
Now parents turn to experience the climb
60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 30 April 2018 / Monday
Category: Service
At the Padang for our weekly parade training for NDP (2015)
At the Padang for our weekly parade training for NDP (2015)

Being a Cadet Officer in the National Cadet Corps (NCC)

  • I was in the corps for 8 years; 4 years as a cadet and another 4 years as a cadet officer. My specialty is conducting and planning parades. I have planned a number of parades for both the HQ NCC and my unit(Air).
  • I came back to my school to teach the next generation of cadets after I graduated as a way to give back to my secondary school. Things that I taught my cadets:
    • Foot drills
    • Arm drills
    • Basic aerodynamics and flight controls
    • How to plan for trainings

My school unit are actively participating in competitions in HQ NCC, hence at some period of times trainings are more than once a week.

  • Despite my busy schedule, I have been actively helping out in HQ NCC to conduct parades and also camps. My most proudest moment is when I was selected to represent NCC in the National Day Parade(2015) marching contingents. The trainings took months to be perfected before we had a chance to march at the Padang! The next year (2016) however, I was appointed to be the Senior Instructor Trainer for the contingent to teach and perfect the students foot drills so that they are ready for the whole of Singapore to see them during the National Day Parade. I also conducted leadership camps for HQ NCC; the longest camp I’ve conducted was a 2 weeks long program to groom newly appointed Cadet officers.


  • I was honestly very honoured and happy to be given the opportunity to guide the new batches of cadets for the past 3 years. I have learnt a lot of things while volunteering my time here in NCC; one of the things are people skills, writing proposals and conducting camps for at least 200 people. NCC took a lot of my free time but it was worth it to see my juniors and whoever that was under me grow to be a leader leading others now. Seeing that gives me the satisfaction and it  warms my heart.
    • Unit trainings every Friday
      • More than once a week trainings if there is a need to prepare for competitions
    • HQ NCC camps 3-4 times a month
      • Each camp -> 2-3 days
      • Longest camp -> 2 weeks
60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours: 214.5
Date: 29 April 2018 / Sunday
Category: Service

Duration of Service component: December 2015 to March 2017 (16 months, 214.5 hours)


  • Pro-bono Programmes, CAMP CHALLENGE
  • Monthly Food Distribution
  • Light House Programme at Kampong Kapor Family Service Center (KKFSC)
  • Other Side Programmes

    Pro-bono Programmes, CAMP CHALLENGE


The Domino Challenge! for Me Too! Club, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore (MINDS)



Team of instructors for NTU Welfare Services Club – high & low elements for the The Singapore Association for the Deaf

2016 06.18&19.16 TRUE HEARTS HAVEN HOME II

2016 06.18&19.16 TRUE HEARTS HAVEN HOME I

Letters and gifts received from participants of Haven Home during True Hearts 10th Anniversary 2D1N camp 


Team of instructors for high elements for troubled youths – Youth Guidance Outreach Services

2016 09.02.16 YEAH II

Pre-programme discussion for Youth Employment Achievement Hub (YEAH) laser combat programme

2016 11.28.16 AWWA RAFTING

Rafting activity during 3D2N camp for Asian Women Welfare Association (AWWA)

2016 12.04.16 CDAC CARNIVAL I

Team of instructors for Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) carnival at Nanyang Junior College 

Additional Pro-bono programmes:

  • Singapore Children’s Society (SCS) Family Day
  • Basic Instructor Course 45

Being a pro-bono instructor has opened my eyes to the various communities in Singapore that require assistance. It has showed me that even though Singapore is a 1st world country with a rising economy, there are still people in the country that are struggling to make ends meet or find their place in our society. Take belaying for the deaf association, for example. I would never have expected being able to manage a high elements session with the deaf as I would not be able to communicate messages to the participants by shouting and noise. Instead, I needed to communicate information with a sign language translator who would translate my instructions into sign language for the participants. It made me reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to retain my sense of hearing, as well as the smallest things in life which I did not think about before. For example, in the True Hearts programme, I conducted an outdoor cooking session with the participants of an orphanage/home, Haven Home. Seeing the participants and mentors cooking for one another has tugged my heart strings and made me appreciate my family and friends who were constantly around me and supporting me in all my endeavors. This was the starting point for me to reflect on myself and my actions in many aspects of life and a motivated me to do more for the community.

Monthly Food Distribution  [with Social Hearts and Actions for the Needy (S.H.A.N), previously unnamed; a collaboration of Chia Leng Kong Temple and Mummy Yummy]

  • Volunteer on every 1st Saturday of the month (approximately 2-3 hours per session)
  • Distribution of vegetarian bee hoon to various needy households in Tanjong Pagar region of Singapore

Website for S.H.A.N: https://www.shan.com.sg/

Website for Mummy Yummy: https://www.facebook.com/Mummy-Yummy-Singapore-679826295399303/

2016 09.03.16 MUMMY YUMMY

Team of volunteers from S.H.A.N before food distribution

2016 01.02.16 MUMMY YUMMY I

2016 01.30.16 MUMMY YUMMY I

2016 01.02.16 MUMMY YUMMY V

Going door to door with my family to deliver vegetarian bee hoon to needy households

Monthy distribution of vegetarian bee hoon with S.H.A.N has widened my perspective of the ageing population in Singapore. Most of the households we deliver food to are either elderly living alone, elderly whose families have left them, the physically disabled, or families facing financial difficulties. Being in this part of the heartlands has showed me a very different side of Singapore and exactly what these elderly residents are facing on a daily basis. Their lack of companionship has caused them to appreciate even the few minutes of interaction with us as we deliver food to their doorstep. Yet, many of them still choose to stay positive in life despite their difficulties.

Light House Programme at Kampong Kapor Family Service Center (KKFSC) 

  • Under Singapore Polytechnic School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SP CLS)
  • Mentoring and tutoring every Tuesday evening for 6 months (2 hours per session)
  • For under privileged children between 10 – 14 at KKFSC

2016-06-28 09.40.43 1

Team of volunteers from SP CLS

Since my pro-bono programme with True Hearts, I was inspired by the mentors who gave the children so much encouragement and inspiration. I decided to take on the role of a mentor with KKFSC when the opportunity came. I mentored a primary 5 boy named Ridzwan at the family service center and made friends with a few other such as Hans, a primary 6 boy. Tutoring every week and sharing conversations with these ‘children-going-teenagers’ have since been a very enriching experience as I was able to empathize with their struggles in school and support them academically, as well as a person they can talk to to share their difficulties. Although my time with them was only a short 6 months (due to commencement of night classes), I formed friendships with them and took away a lot of lessons in giving back to these children. I was able to be a role model to them and am thankful to know that they are doing well in their studies since my departure.

Other Side Programmes


Volunteers from Class DBS/FT/1A/01 Singapore Polytechnic Flag Day 2016 – raising funds for the President’s Challenge outside Raffles Place MRT Station

2016 09.07.16 LAKESIDE FSC I

Team of volunteers for Lakeside Family Services (LFS) September holiday 1 day programme to impart the value of integrity to children aged 7-10. We participated in various station games and activities planned by LFS in the vicinity of the center.

2017-03-16 03.11.31 1

2017-03-16 03.11.24 1

Advance Leadership Training Camp for Ngee Ann Secondary School which imparts leadership skills to student leaders. Student leaders take on a community service activity during the camp (The aNASing trip) where they went to various locations around south-west Singapore to perform tasks such as collecting drink cans for the uncles and aunties for recycling, interviewing about the challenges of the hawkers in hawker centers, and clearing tables for cleaners in hawker centers.

This 12-month long journey has been nothing less than inspiring for me. “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”. This quote cannot be more true as I took on youth and community work through these months. I learnt that compassion and empathy cannot be taught through textbooks and in theory. Compassion and empathy can only be learnt and appreciated through performing in acts of service. Since the conclusion of my NYAA service section, I continued to volunteer for pro-bono programmes, volunteered monthly with S.H.A.N, and supported CIP events initiated by my CCA in school. This 12-month stint has fueled me to help others in my community, as well as reinforcing my ambition to be a medical doctor in the future – to help others in need.

60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours: At least 60 hours
Date: 17 November 2017 / Friday
Category: Service

For Service, I will be writing about volunteering in Charity Event, Pro-Bono programmes.

I have volunteered in many Pro-bono camp with CAMP CHALLENGE and some events. I remember that the most memorable event was for a charity carnival for a neighbourhood, and with the money we collected, we bought essentials home used equipment for family with financial difficulties.

We had some try out on the activities that we will be doing on the days of the event. The try outs were held at the site of CAMP CHALLENGE. I was in charge of getting people from the park or anyone to come join our try outs to explain to them, what we are doing is for charity. Many preparations was needed to be done as we start out from scratched.

On top of volunteering for Charity Event, I have also volunteered for programmes with Boys Home, Deaf Community etc. The experience was awesome! I felt satisfied to see all the participants enjoying themselves while doing the activities we conducted. They are so simple and I learnt a lot from them.

  • Pro-bono programmes done are usually high elements or low elements, 1 day session.
  • Per session is one full day. From 10AM-5PM. 7 hours.
  • Volunteered for Youth at risk, Deaf association, Special needs, Boys town, Children’s aid society, Melrose Home, Student care services, Minds & many more.
60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours: 60
Date: 16 November 2017 / Thursday
Category: Service


  • Pro-bono programmes has usually high elements or low elements, 1 day session.
  • Per session is one full day. From 10AM-5PM. 7 hours.
  • Volunteered for Youth at risk, Deaf association, Special needs, Boys town, Children’s aid society, Melrose Home, Student care services, Minds & many more.
  • Voluntered at Orange Valley nursing home, duration is 7 hours.
  • Volunteered at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. 10AM-6PM. 8 hours.
  • Once a month I volunteer for a programme, at least 7 hours of duration.

I have volunteered for a few pro-bono programmes under CAMP CHALLENGE. Organizations like Singapore Girl’s Home, Asian Women Welfare Association, Deaf Association, Minds, Beyond Social Services and many more come over to us for a programme. Bedok Youth Soccerites is a soccer club that comes over also for a subsidized programme. Their funding is all solely from the parents and coach of the students. Taking the role of the camp chief, I would plan for these organizations, team bonding activities such as low elements, laser combat, rafting, campfire and many more. Keeping in mind to be able to share and inspire them with meaningful values to take away. Usually they would request for more bonding and more character development objective. I have also volunteered for the Value-In-Action programme to a Batam orphanage named, Alfateha. My team and I brought Dunearn secondary school over, and together with them, we planned our flow of activities and how we can best be of assistance to the orphanage and improve their home. Few things we have built are the sprinkler system for their crops, as well as repainted their walls and gave Alfateha’s home a fresh and vibrant new look. Added on, I have also volunteered for 1 day at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve to aid in mangrove salvation. I cleaned the leaves that were soaked in mud so as to allow better sunlight absorption and for the plants to grow stronger and healthier. I also aid in planting the seedlings of endangered plant species. At the end of the day, everything we have, we owe it back to the earth so I feel passionate about protecting and giving back to the nature. I feel it is fantastic that having service as one of the core pillars of NYAA allows youths to develop a sense of compassion and awareness of the general problems society faces.