40 hours over 12 weeks
No. of Hours:
Date: 5 May 2018 / Saturday
Category: Physical Recreation

For this section, I went for hiking at 2 places; Mount Batur, Bali and at Nongsa, Batam and Cycling Expedition around Singapore.

  • Nongsa, Batam expedition 4 days 3 nights

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The preparation phase for hiking to Nongsa, Batam were coming up with roles that are needed for an expedition. Eventually we had to choose and assign roles between 20 people, roles that were needed was Expedition Leaders, Navigators, Administrator, Food in-charge and First Aiders.

Expedition Leaders and Navigators had to plan up the route that we would take once we have arrived at the hiking location.  Hence, we had to find out the exact location, print out the map and plan out the evacuation route in any case something were to happen. We also had to come up with activities to do when

Administrator for the hiking expedition, hence, we had to prepare documents that were needed for the hike. For an example, the indemnity forms, everyone’s particulars like name, IC/ passport number,  birth dates and etc. These particulars were crucial since we were going to overseas, hence, a slight error could have caused unnecessary tedious process at the immigration.

For the food in-charge, we had to plan for all the meals for the hike. There are few factors that we need to take in consideration as well, like dietary requirements and how will the process of cooking will be like when we had to cook for our meals in the wilderness.

All of the plannings before we embark on the journey took 3 days with 5 to 6 hours of planning per day. The 3 days were spread out within 3 weeks.

On the 1st day when we arrived in Nongsa, Batam. We were picked up by a bus to go to the Nongsa Point Marina & Resort. Once we’ve arrived at the resort, we were told to keep our valuables and our last day clothes in our rooms to lessen the loads from our bags. Once we were done with that, we took another bus to our starting line for the hike.

We spent about 4 days in the wilderness and there were many challenges that we faced when were in the wilderness. We had to ensure that our equipment for cooking will not harm the environment and  our “nature call” we had to do it within the bushes and it was so scary and uncomfortable at the same time. The thoughts that came to mind every time I did my “nature call” were “Will there be snake biting me while I do the deed?” We also did natural abseiling to continue our journey to another campsite that we resided in for the night.

  • Mount Batur, Bali

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There preparation for this hike was not much because me and few of my friends went under an agency that planned for us the whole thing. In addition the hike took about 8 to 9 hours. We went out from our resort at midnight to travel to the base of Mount Batur that took about 2 hours car ride. Once we have arrived at the base, there were 3 mountain guides that were waiting for us and they briefed us on what was coming up ahead for us. They also provided bottles and ponchos for us in any case it started to rain. BUT to be honest, the poncho provided warmth for us because it was cold as we went higher.

At the top of the Mount Batur, we were supposed to be welcomed with a beautiful view like the sunrise , unfortunately, it was blocked by fogs. Irregardless of that, the view was still beautiful as it felt like we were within the clouds. The fun part when we went down the mountain was actually when we slid down the slope as it felt like we were at a nature playground and it definitely was a new experience for me as well!

  • Cycling Expedition around Singapore

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For this expedition, we went through the same planning process for Nongsa, Batam, however, we had to go through a crash course for cycling.

Cycling Crash Course

In this course, we learnt what is the correct posture when get on the bicycle, how to cycle safely. We were also tested on how capable are we to do the basics such as turning our heads to the side before changing direction.

Cycling Expedition

We started from Republic Polytechnic at 09 00 hrs and cycled our way down to West Coast Park. We arrived at the West Coast Park 30 mins before the sun sets,hence, we were quite rushing to prepare our dinner and pitch up our tents.

The second day, we made our move from West Coast Park before the sun rises and continued our journey to Pasir Ris Park. This time the journey was a bit longer, because even-though we left before sunrise, we’ve arrived when the skies turned dark. But since the park is lit up with the street lights, we didn’t face any difficulties when we cooked our dinner and when we pitched our tents.

The third day, we made our way back to Republic Polytechnic at 08 00 hrs and arrived at about 18 00 hrs in the evening. We had to return back the bicycles since we rented it from an external vendors. So we were rushing back in order to not be late.

It was an eye-opening experience for me to complete the cycling expedition and the things we had planned was a good help for me in my work right now. I also started to cycle more these days with my family and friends!

4 Days 3 Nights (at least 32 hours of activity)
No. of Hours:
Date: 12 April 2018 / Thursday
Category: Adventurous Journey
6.45am group photo!
6.45am group photo!

Our Adventure Journey 08 was a 4 days & 3 nights (2nd to 5th September 2017) of water activities such as Dragon boat and Keelboat sailing to 3 places and our planning are as such;

  • Day 1: Keelboat Sailing from Raffles Marina (Tuas) to Lazarus Island, Fishing & Outdoor Cooking (15 hours)
  • Day 2: Sailing from Lazarus Island to Sentosa, Conquer the 24m tall Team Challenge Hourglass (12hrs)
  • Day 3: Dragon Boat from Sentosa to Lazarus Island & back . Fishing (8 hours)
  • Day 4: Sailing from Sentosa to Raffles Marina (8 hours)

As the locations were already set, we were given roles to take charge of. The roles that was available for us was Expedition Leader, Admin, Food, Safety and Logistics. I was assigned to be the in-charge of the food section along with Hani, Cecelia and Ris.

Before even planning of what to buy there were certain factors that brought up to take in consideration in regards to the meals.

  1. How many meals will there be throughout the 4 Days 3 Nights? (breakfast,lunch,dinner, supper/snacks)
  2. Do we have to follow the My Healthy Plate/ Health Diet Pyramid by Singapore Health Promotion Board?
  3. Who are we planning the meals for? (participants and crews)
  4. Any allergies (e.g. seafood)
  5. Any special requirements (e.g. halal food)
  6. Storage for the food.

As we have gathered the information that we need to plan for the meals, we came out with the list of foods that we’ve decided to get for our Adventurous Journey, however we only bought the foods on Day 0 when all of us met up at Raffles Marina for briefing.

Before buying the food, we assigned ourselves to certain categories so that the process of buying the food will be faster.  For example, myself and Hani was assigned to get the fruits and vegetables that are needed.


Once we’ve bought the foods and drinks that are needed we headed back to our base (Raffles Marina) and split the food to ensure that the 2 Keelboats have sufficient number of food and drinks. We also assigned food in-charge in each boat to ensure that the foods were distributed properly throughout the journey.

We did not had in problems On the 4th September morning, one of the boat had no breakfast because the food was misplaced, hence, we shared whatever we were left with and the food team went out on a hunt for the misplaced food and we eventually found it.  To ensure that this incident would not happen anymore, the in-charges for the food from each boat did a double check the food that they had in the boat they were in and know where it was stored.

Overall, the Adventurous Journey 08 was indeed a memorable journey for me and for the rest as well. As the journey was indeed a very tiring process, our true emotions eventually came out and affected some of our decisions. But those who were more composed and went through expeditions before, helped those who were in need of help. I could say that, the help that was offered were one of the key factors that made the journey a memorable one. We were really indeed a team who wanted to see everyone of us make it to the finishing line.

One of the things that I really member up till this moment would be the time when we actually sailed in and out of a heavy storm that was really scary. The water was choppy, the boat was moving heavily to the point we had to tow the other boat to ensure that we would not lose to the heavy weather. Some of us started to have motion sickness but we still tried our best to assist in anyways we could to ensure that we will surpass the heavy storm.

Personally, for someone who have never liked water activities, the experience that I had for the 4 Days and 3 nights  were definitely an eye opening for myself and made me realized that water activities can be fun as well. Also, the people around me made me forget that I actually dislike water activities.

After the whole Adventurous Journey 08, it made me feel like I have achieved something that I thought I would have never achieved.

Adventurous Journey 08
Adventurous Journey 08